Billy Cadden is a singer-songwriter from New York that writes raw, progressive rock songs. Seven years after he departed successful New York indie outfit The Postelles, Cadden is set to release his debut EP titled Does It Really Mean Nothing on May 18th. 

Mining personal experience to create image-rich tracks that make sweeping allusions to love, failed relationships and a feeling of being stuck in time, Billy discards simplistic pop narratives and traditional rock story arcs. He uses sounds and words that conjure images, textures and situations specific to his life. And yet, this specificity is used as a way to explore emotional themes that resonate both deeply and broadly.

Does It Really Mean Nothing questions the transience of human feeling – the suspicion that even our deepest held emotions are subject to rapid change. It is an exercise in descriptive, deeply personal songwriting. 

As a completed project it acts as Cadden’s opening foray into considering a series of universal questions.